Richard Hill Bio

Richard (Dick) Hill is a long time Little Arbor Vitae Lake resident and the first Lake District President.

Dick spent a lot of time vacationing with his family in Arbor Vitae.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman throughout his life.  In 1963 he built a vacation home on Little Arbor Vitae Lake.  In 1974 Dick and his family moved to the Northwoods settling into their home on the lake.  In 1975 he began constructing their new home next to their vacation home.

Dick was born in Kenosha in 1929 and married his beloved wife Ethel in 1951.  They raised three beautiful children:  Victoria, Susan, and Rick and were blessed with four grandchildren:  Chad, Nick, Christine, and Stacey.  They also have four great grandchildren:  Elena, Dominic, Lila, and Jonathan.

Dick was a contractor/carpenter in Kenosha County until he moved to Arbor Vitae.  Upon moving to the Northwoods, he and his son established their own construction company, which they operated out of their home on Little Arbor Vitae Lake.  After retirement, he opened up a doll house shop across the road from his vacation home.  Dick was also an original member of the Arbor Vitae Fire Department.  He dedicated a great deal of his time to the construction, remodeling and fund raising for the department.  A tradition carried on by his son Rick, his son-in-law Rick Stephens, and his grandson Nicholas Stephens.